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In April 2019  Jennifer Gibbons-Joseph Managing Director of Conec Professional Life Coaching Services and Terri-Ann Joseph-Brathwaite Lead Consultant of Sandstone Consulting collaborated to create CONEC-TIONS 50+. We recognized a mutual interest in serving the 50+ cohort hence CONEC-TIONS 50+ emerged.

Conec Professional Life Coaching Services has therefore incorporated all its programs under the CONEC-TIONS 50+ banner. We use digital media across all platforms combining edutainment with hands-on business and life-coaching support. We deliver services primarily to clients in the post-career but pre-retirement years (ages 50 to 80) to assure a vibrant, exciting and happy 3rd Act of life. Our services strengthen clients’ income-generating capacity through entrepreneurship and promote individual self-care while maintaining connections with a real community by curating and hosting unique social events.

For more information on CONEC-TIONS 50+  please browse our website pages, click on the links below or contact us at our WhatsApp # 868-386-7863




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