Today I ask you this question. Who or what is holding you back? As a life coach one of my critical roles is to help people get unstuck and move forward with their goals. So if you feel that you’re stuck or find you are not moving along as you should, please let me know who or what you believe is holding you back.

Many times in conversation, I would hear the remark made that a person is lucky because they have achieved a goal. Describing the achievement as luck, indicates that the person was not deserving of the reward. I have experienced similar comments like this in conversations. For instance, when I decided to change careers a friend said to me “I wish I could do like you, but you’re lucky your position is different”. Was my situation really different or was it my planning, determination and hard work that did it? When someone is scared or lack the confidence to move forward with their goals, they are unable to appreciate the other person’s drive to move beyond their fears.

Here are three popular reasons that some people give for not pursuing or achieving their goals. Can you relate to any of these?

“It’s not the right time.” Some people prefer to wait until they accumulate more money. When asked how much money is enough, they cannot say. However, while waiting to have this unknown sum, inflation is increasing but salaries are not. Having specific goals and a financial plan would help in this situation.

“I prefer wait until I am better qualified before applying for the new job” There are people who are continuously taking courses to acquire new skills. They sometimes become overqualified in the process and lose hope when the opportunities become scarce. To move forward, research the preferred position, send in an application and be well prepared for the interview. Be positive, you may just get that position.

“My family is not happy about my choice,” This is a response given by younger people. I agree family support is important but they may also have their own fears or biases. If you have that conviction then share your dreams and aspirations with family members. Create your own path to follow your dreams.

Examine your situation. Are you where you want to be? Be passionate about what you want, believe it, see yourself living your dreams and go for it.

All the best for a fulfilling and prosperous future.

Jennifer Gibbons-Joseph

Your Life Empowerment & Financial Coach