Once upon a time, women were told that men are the superior sex and they would be our protectors.  I believe this is now a myth and women can no longer expect men to be their protectors. In recent times the talk on the lips of citizens has been the rise in murders /homicides in our country, especially the brutal attacks on women.  As a sister and mother of two daughters, I am extremely worried and share similar concerns.  I cringe when I hear some of my male counterparts speak about women not making right choices hence the reason for their demise. Am I missing some key information somewhere? Is there a personality profile assessment that can determine how our male partners would act in a committed relationship? Exactly what male profile should women look for? Is it Financial Status? Social Standing, Race, Religion, a Good Conduct certificate or Medical History? Please; I really believe most women given a choice would prefer having ‘A Good Man’ than one with a criminal mind. I am also aware that when women recognize that they may have chosen badly and try to leave the relationship, they suffer abuse and in some cases even ridicule from their own relatives. Where is the protection from the authorities?

So let’s talk about the workplace, where women do not have a choice to determine their male colleagues or bosses. Are women given the support or protection by men in the workplace? Or, are they taken advantage of? There are many instances when sexual harassment claims are made against male colleagues or in some cases at the executive level and these situations are swept under the carpet.  Remarks such as “She look for that” or “That’s how he is—was just joking” are bandied about to make light of the issue.  Such inaction shows total disregard for women and send the message that it is an acceptable behavior. It is my experience that men tend to protect their male colleagues and the ‘Boys Club’ even if they are in the wrong.  In the homes, mothers shower their sons with that special love and they are quickly forgiven when they do wrong. Why? Because traditionally sons are viewed as superior, they carry the bloodline, the family name and are higher income earners, therefore better providers.  Let’s face it! Some of the deviant behaviors are inculcated from home. Who is really to blame? Culture, society, government or all of the above?

The escalation of crime is everyone’s business. We should be aware of what’s happening in our country and globally. As women we are unique and therefore need to come up with innovative solutions to this new crime wave affecting us. There are many women groups and professionals who are making great contributions to the betterment of women and families. Reach out to these group or professionals who you can relate to and be part of the solution. As a life coach who is also very passionate about the future of our women and families, I believe in reaching out to give support and empower others. Here are some suggestions that can get you started to be part of the solution.

  • Arrange a get together with friends, family members, neighbors or colleagues for discussion on the existing crime situation. This can be a small manageable group.
  • Be innovative and create your unique plan of action based on the situation and composition of the group.
  • Assign roles to each person and make a commitment to be each other’s keeper.
  • Support goes beyond talk and requires action.

Together we are stronger.

Jennifer Gibbons-Joseph

Life Empowerment Coach & Sister