A state of†wellbeing†is described by World Health Organization as when an individual realizes his or her own potential and can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community. Many people may think that this is very difficult to achieve considering the world we live in. We are constantly bombarded with negative news and the prediction of a dim future. †To enjoy a happy and fulfilling life it is necessary for us to change our mindset away from the negativity. Developing mental well-being will enable us to have better control of our emotions, build self-confidence and be in charge of our future. This would also drive you to do the things we want to do without that feeling of anxiety.

How do you approach life? Do you take time out to celebrate the beauty of life, nature and its marvelous creations? Or; are you allowing yourself to be affected by the increasing crime rate, recession or situations that are not in your control? People with a negative mindset show up as being sad, miserable and disgruntled. They are constantly complaining, hardly showing appreciation for anything. If you are unable to love yourself and appreciate your uniqueness it would be a struggle for you to succeed.

Releasing negative blocks and having a positive outlook of life will help you in achieving mental wellbeing. When you are at this stage of happiness and contentment you would view things differently. You would be able to appreciate the beauty in you and in others and reach out to make society better.

As a certified Life Coach and also an Energy Leadership Practitioner, I believe that having a positive mindset and being in control of your emotions and energy levels are critical for having mental wellbeing. In my training to practice energy coaching, I was introduced to the concept that our body is an energy system and we operate at seven different levels of energy or consciousness. The lower levels 1 & 2 are referred to as the catabolic or unhealthy levels. You would be at this lower energy level, when you are in a negative state of mind. Here you will experience negative thoughts such fear, anger, guilt and worry. This is really a victimís way of thinking. The higher levels 3-7 are the anabolic or positive energy levels where you will be more comfortable and happy with your life. This is when you see things differently. You are able to overcome the negatives and see beauty all around you. Instead of finding fault and blaming others, you praise and take responsibility for your life.† However, we operate at different levels of energy and at any given moment our thoughts change causing these levels to go up and down. Achieving a goal would make you feel very happy, putting you at a high energy level. However receiving sad news or getting disappointed would cause you to operate at the lower levels. Be conscious of your feelings, emotions and reactions to circumstances.

To have a better understanding of yourself you should go within and find out what are the blocks preventing you from accessing your positive energy. Is it as a result of your financial or family situation? What about your health or relationship issues? Are you not being happy with your present status? †There are also those who do not like themselves. They find fault with their bodies, their features and almost everything about who they are. This type of toxic thinking and behavior can eventually lead to low energy levels such as unhappiness, anxiety, stress or worst, mental illness. To live the life you want it is very important that you to find creative ways to bounce back during difficult times when your energy levels are at the lowest. You should also look at when your energy levels are high and try to do what is necessary to remain in this state of wellbeing.

Here are some tips to help you achieve mental wellness and embrace a beautiful life.

  • Understand your situation and take action to stay positive
  • Practice controlling your emotions to avoid conflict and reduce stress
  • Pursue activities that give you joy and always be grateful for life
  • Develop loving relationships with family, friends and colleagues
  • Focus on what you want and not what others have achieved
  • Have confidence in your ability and dreams
  • Remove yourself from toxic environments and negative people
  • Celebrate your achievements and beauty along the way

Commendable life habits such as showing gratitude, kindness and love will also keep you in a high energy mode.