As a woman 60+, I ask myself “Am I living fearlessly?” What do I mean? At this phase in my life, I want to be free to live as I choose. I want to be stress-free without worrying about my personal safety, finances, illness, loneliness, the future of children and grandchildren and any likely threats to my happiness. To me, living fearlessly means that I should be true to myself; living my life without being caught up with the negative vibrations coming at me daily. I believe that I have already fought and overcome my share of challenges during my life journey. I have gone through the marriage and divorce period, the single parent commitments, the workplace struggle to get to the to the top, the financial challenges to have savings and investments, the balancing act to stay grounded and other momentous life experiences along the way. During that period of my life, I have been very happy; at times disappointed and sometimes frustrated. But, I never expected a perfect Life journey and feel proud of my achievements. Now my focus is different. Gone are the expectations, fears, guilt feelings or judgments. I surround myself with positive energy filled with gratitude, love, and kindness. This life phase is about living my way; enjoying the things I love doing and being happy with the people I want in my space. I am grateful and appreciative of my loving and supportive family and friends and living a healthy and active life. I feel passionate and fulfilled working in a career in keeping with my beliefs, values and my passion for helping people to be joyful and to achieve their goals. How am I handling the negatives? I make a conscious effort to change my thoughts, actions, and words. I use a vision board and keep focused on the beautiful life I am creating for myself. I make the decisions and choices that are in alignment with the life I want.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, I salute and send love to all women who are going through their different life stages. Continue to press forward. keep the faith and focus on what has to be done to bring you closer to the life you want.

WOMEN 50+ you are invited to join us on Sunday 25th March at ‘Conec’s’ forum ‘Fearless Conversations’ over tea. This is being held at the Admiral deck, Crews Inn Chaguaramas. Cost is $300.00(includes tea/refreshments).  A great opportunity for you to relax, make new friends, share stories and experiences and get practical solutions.                                                    CALL 766-2148, 685-8834 OR 271-5020 to book your space.