Conec Road to Wellness video series was created to help baby boomers enjoy a happy, healthy and energetic life. Jennifer Gibbons-Joseph, Life Coach and Life Journey 50+ navigator, takes you along a journey where you would get life-changing information and tips, step by step health & nutrition guidelines, powerful testimonials, medical advice and recommendations for your self-care.

Visit to ‘Be Well’ Medical

Listen to Dr. Polidore share some critical and life-changing information, on the importance of having an annual medical examination and doing what is necessary to enjoya long and healthy life at age fifty and beyond.




Men’s Health

In this segment, two gentlemen Keith and Nigel, speak openly about their personal health challenges and share some key tips to help other men and their families live a healthy and happy life.



Visit to Empower Nutrition

Jennifer’s visited Empower Nutrition & Fitness Studio where she spoke to ownerMweiaElias who is also a nutritionist, health & fitness Coach. Mweia shared some critical information on living a healthy lifestyle at fifty and beyond. She gave pertinent tips on how to get started and life-changing guidelines on weight management, fitness, and nutrition.



Weight Management and Lifestyle Choices


Nutrition and Healthy Eating Habits