Personal Safety is everybody’s concern. We all want to operate in a safe, friendly and productive environment. Do you agree?

Crime is a key factor which affects our quality of life. The invasion of our personal space can leave us traumatized. Without warning, people with criminal minds or disruptive behaviors can change our lives forever. It is our responsibility, therefore, to take steps towards protecting ourselves and the environment we live in.

However, the reality is different for some groups of people. Women are at greater risk than men as it relates to their personal safety. Being a woman I can easily relate to this fact.

Women as victims!

Women who have been victims believed that they were targeted due to:

  • Being alone at the time and were unable to defend themselves.
  • Placing trust in the perpetrators prior to abuse.
  • Being stalked by their attackers.
  • Drinking excessively and unaware of the danger at the time.
  • The promise of a better and prosperous life.
  • Getting involved with the wrong companion due to loneliness.
  • Being overpowered and taken advantage of.
  • Their appearance or body shape.

In addition to these reasons, factors such as religious beliefs, cultural practices, and other social ills have placed women at a disadvantage. Women have to be extra vigilant and take steps to effectively protect themselves.

As a society, we are also bombarded daily with news of crime, disasters and other incidents that create fear in our minds. In this regard, you cannot allow fear to prevent you from living the life you want. As a life coach, I believe our mind is a very powerful safety tool. Your mental state and physical health are important for your wellbeing and self -preservation. You should strive to stay in control of your emotions. Remove negative thoughts especially those that affect your creativity and progress.

Personal Safety is not just about avoiding being attacked or victimized. There are other aspects of life that can affect your freedom.

Other Aspects

Let us examine some other situations that can threaten your safety and disrupt your life.

Travel – Do you feel safe as you commute to or from work or when going about your daily routine? Road Rage has created a sense of fear among drivers and passengers. Bad roads, severe weather conditions, and heavy traffic are also factors that can cause you to feel unsafe while traveling. Practicing road safety habits, patience and showing respect to others are steps in the right direction. You should always follow safety warnings at airports, whether traveling international or domestic.

Environment – Your living and working conditions play a pivotal role in your ability to operate efficiently. Implementing health and safety methods and taking preemptive measures would create a safe, constructive environment. You should have your property secured and appropriately insured for disasters and personal injury.

Health – Living a healthy lifestyle is a key aspect of self-protection. Critical illness and lifestyle diseases can render you helpless. Advice from medical practitioners to eat healthily and exercise should be practiced.

Financial – Due to the economy, many people are experiencing difficulty in saving or achieving their financial goals. Examine your lifestyle habits, be aware of fraudulent schemes and protect your assets. This is a time to be cautious with spending.

Practical Personal Safety Tips

Working towards personal safety is your responsibility. Understand the environment you work and live in and create an appropriate safety plan.  Here are some practical tips which were shared at Conec’s seminar on Women’s Personal Safety and Protection.

  • Awareness is critical to you implementing safety measures.
  • Be your neighbor’s keeper and report suspicious activities.
  • You are not paranoid about taking extra precautions, you’re just smart.
  • Plan your movements and tell a trusted relative or friend about your plans.
  • Alternate your routine to distract any stalkers or cagey characters.
  • Do not allow people to encroach on your personal space.
  • Follow your gut and intuition.
  • Be careful to whom you discuss your financial situation with.
  • Keep your car doors locked and windows up when driving.
  • Do a background check before getting into intimate relationships.
  • If you are self – employed to avoid receiving fees or payment in cash.
  • Install cameras and other safety measures at home.
  • Be extra cautious during this holiday season with whom you hire to help with renovations or household help.
  • Be alert when leaving the bank especially if you just withdrew a large amount of cash.

Enjoy a safe, happy and fearless life journey.


Jennifer Gibbons-Joseph

Life Empowerment, Transition & Financial Coach

Conec for a happy, energetic and successful life journey