Were you scared?

Did your inner voice whisper: I am getting old! Look out for sickness! Would I be able to live life as I used to?

Most people want to live a quality life and to be in good health as they age. However, to achieve these goals you have to be willing to do what is necessary. Do not compare yourself to others. Your life stage and situation may require you to take different steps.

Financial stability and achievement of life goals are also key concerns for people, as they enter into the 50+ uncharted waters. It is therefore very important to plan ahead with confidence and enthusiasm.


I remember the feeling of anxiety when I was approaching fifty.  I actually had a 50th birthday bash. A grand, unforgettable way to say I was ready for what was ahead. For me, this was a stage to actually live my dreams and explore life the way I wanted. I plan my life by age, in ten year periods. So I  mapped out my life plan for the next ten years 50-60.

Life before fifty was an exciting one. I was energetic and full of enthusiasm. My focus was on getting ahead in my job; making money to purchase a car and house; going on vacations and making sure that my children were well taken care of. I am a type ‘A’ personality very outgoing,  ambitious and full of determination. Having these traits helped me to look at the positives in most situations and win-win end results.

Notwithstanding! I did experience my share of ups and downs, which I treated as life experiences. I went through the fears and uncertainties of whether I would be able to achieve my career goals; have enough money to support my family or enjoy a quality life.  Wow! At times I felt like I was on a roller-coaster. Without warning a situation would occur which sent my life in turmoil. I dealt with these chaotic situations with faith, fortitude, and support from loved ones. I also got professional help in the crucial times. I learned from each incident and was able to continue living with the willpower to succeed. Yes, there would be good times and not so good times.


I see life as a journey. For me, it is a beautiful and rewarding one. Expect to go through some turbulent waters. However, how you choose to deal with the obstacles in your way, would determine your destination. You want to live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life? Then, release those negative energies and begin doing the activities to live that life.

To move forward you should look within and analyze your situation. Seek out the gremlins that are holding you hostage. Stay positive by reminiscing about your achievements and what makes you happy. Embrace your talents and skills that pulled you through on many occasions.

Decide on how you want to begin this phase in life. Visualize yourself living that way and create a life plan to achieve it. Do not just think about what you want, begin writing it down. What steps do  you have to take?  Consider your circumstances, the potential blocks and your rewards. Be realistic with your time frame, cost  and the activities required. Review your plan periodically and stay focused. If you are a visual person you should consider using a vision board or other suitable tools. Post your goals, pictures, charts and other visuals to keep you driven and on track.

Look in the mirror, who do you see? 

Get dressed up the way you want to look. What is your style? Is it casual; elegant; formal or your creation? You should feel comfortable and pleased with your look. Get that exhilarating feeling and be the person you want to be. Continually compliment yourself and say affirmations in the present tense.

Celebrate your wins, small or large.

I find it very meaningful to celebrate my achievements, whether large or small. I also do the same for my children and close friends. I feel very happy and proud on these occasions.Extending that joy and positive energy to others also keeps me motivated. I see myself as an achiever, a winner, a motivator, full of gratitude and love.

I use my journal to note these special occasions and to post photos and other memoirs. When I feel anxious about a situation, I would go to my journal to be revitalize and rebuild my confidence.

Have you tried journaling? You would find Conec’s specially created personal journal ‘TAKE NOTE’  an excellent tool to record significant occurrences and a motivator to help you along your life journey. Visit Conec’s merchandise page to purchase your  copy.

To get further guidance on how to journal, visit our media page and listen to the podcast on journaling: https://conections50plus.com/category/podcasts/



“A healthy body means a healthy mind. You get your heart rate up, and you get the blood flowing through your body to your brain”. Excerpt from Steve Carell quotes

I want to live a fabulous and healthy life.

Being healthy is everyone’s concern.However, as we get older it becomes more of a priority. Why is this? We actually start to feel the difference as we go about our day to day activities. More so after 50!  It comes as a thief in the night, pouncing on us. You suddenly can’t jump out of bed as you used to. You find yourself falling asleep when you attempt to complete work you brought home. Tiredness is now a frequent complaint. Joining a gym or exercising becomes a pipe dream. You get scared each time you get a headache, the flu or joint pains.

The reality! We are getting older and have to pay extra attention if we want to enjoy a healthy, happy and active life.

What have you been doing to stay healthy?

To help people 50+ who are concerned about their health or struggling to stay healthy, I created CONEC’S LIFE JOURNEY 50+ ROAD TO WELLNESS series. I felt that doing live interviews and hearing from the experts, would help you take action to enjoy a healthier and happier life journey.

To follow us on this wellness journey please click https://conections50plus.com/wellness-series/

Life is an exciting journey, enjoy it to the fullest.

Your Life Coach