Women! Are you somewhere in Midlife? Are you overwhelmed, or chronically fatigued? Do you feel your hormones are causing havoc in your life, and you are losing control? Has your life turned into a Midlife Crisis or even into Midlife Hell? Are you frustrated about where your life is going? Or does what used to fulfill you not cut it for you anymore? Do you wish you could take action now, to learn to understand and treat yourself in ways that favor long healthy fulfilled purposeful years and decades that you look forward to?” These are questions being asked by my friend and colleague Desiree Arnold. To find the answers, Desiree has teamed up with 23 female experts from around the world, and the result is the Women’s Midlife Revolution Summit 2018.

I am delighted to be one of the speakers at this very powerful and life-changing summit.

Our mission is to Revolutionize Women’s Midlife Transition and turn midlife and menopause hell into an exciting journey of regenerating physically, healing emotionally, transform and grow spiritually and evolving to your soul’s authenticity.

Midlife offers women the most amazing catalysts to regenerate physically, heal emotionally, grow and transform spiritually and evolve to their soul’s authenticity.

But unfortunately, most women associate midlife with debilitating symptoms of menopause and aging. Being less stress tolerant, on an emotional roller coaster, experiencing night sweats & insomnia. The fear of losing health, sanity, partner, husband, and job leaves us insecure, overwhelmed, and often also feeling lonely.

Many women when reaching out for help, are being medicated with antidepressants, HRT, painkillers and sleeping aids, adding additional problems such as side effects, to their health.”

That is why we have come together in the Women’s Midlife Revolution Summit 2018, to share with you our wisdom, insight, and advice, to give you understanding, tools, inspiration, and motivation to transition naturally.

Host and creator Desiree Arnold, and 22 colleague guest speakers, female experts on women’s health, and development understand first-hand the toil midlife can take on women’s physical and emotional health. This Summit presents a great opportunity for you to take action now and learn to understand how to support your body and your emotions, trust your intuition and evolve to the Goddess you are meant to be.

My company Conec Professional Life Coaching Services can easily relate to this summit’s mission. The goal of our signature program Life Journey 50+  is to partner with men and women as they transition beyond age 50 and help them enjoy a happy, energetic, healthy and fulfilled life.

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The Women’s Midlife Revolution Summit 2018 was launched on Tuesday 23rd October 2018.

Some of the topics covered over the 11-day period include:

  • Understanding the physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual changes during midlife
  • How hormonal changes affect us
  • Nutrition for the midlife cycle
  • Preventing chronic disease
  • The resurrection of the female archetype
  • Relationship, Marriage, Sexuality
  • Inspiration and motivation to get moving with joy
  • And much more

We want to give you wisdom, tools inspiration and motivation to revolutionize your midlife experience and reconnect with the authentic joy of being alive.

To listen to my interview on how women in midlife can enjoy a fulfilled life please CLICK https://player.vimeo.com/video/295447909

Looking forward to interacting with you and supporting you along your life journey.

Jennifer Gibbons-Joseph

Life, Transition & Energy Coach