Are you anxious about achieving yourgoals in 2019?

Are you looking back with regret for not having achieved your goals?

Or, are you among those people who have lost hope and would not be making any plans?

Traditionally, many people start a New Year with resolutions – great plans, promises, and commitments. Yes, we are hoping that things would get better and our goals would be realized in this new year.Happiness; financial security; great health; a loving family life; a home; anewcar; a new job or a salaryincrease are prominent on the list of goals we want toachieve.

However, whether you plan or not, thereality is life continues. Note that your quality of life reflects on the decisionsyou make.

As another year passes and weget older, we begin to check whether we are living the life we dreamed of? Are you?

Being at the later stage in life, I fully understand the despair that people50+ experience when they realize that they have not been living the life they really wanted. There are many reasons for this situation – the lack of money; family responsibilities; missed opportunities, poor judgment or just not giving priority to their personal happiness. Is it too late? Definitelynot. What is required is a change in mindset to do what is necessary. It is time to take care of you.

If you are 50+ and want to enjoy a healthy, happy, energetic and fulfilled life in 2019 and beyond, we invite you to join Conec 50+ tribe. Our signature program Life Journey 50+ offers programs and events to meet the different needs of our followers.

To kick off 2019 we have created a very interactive and life-changing coaching workshop ‘Reinvent Yourself 50+’ toprovide a safe, empowering and fun space for participants to get that breakthrough they are looking for. You would be guided on how to tap into your energy system, release any fears or anxiety within, embrace your creativity, plan strategicallyand move forward joyfully and purposefully to live your dreams. Early Bird special $600 until 11th January. Click on flyer or CALL 685-8834 for further information.

Conec’s team of energetic, caring and experienced coaches are excited to welcome you to this workshop on the 5th of February. To register please complete and submit the form below.

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