A few years ago, I attended a function where the speaker spoke about her practice of writing down her experiences in a journal on a daily basis. This subsequently led to her writing a book. I got very excited listening to her story, as I am a firm believer in journaling. I use my journal as a reference book of my life journey. It has kept me motivated, reduced my stress levels and re-energizes me when I am at a low point.  I write down my inner thoughts, my true feelings, and about anything or anybody that impacted my life in a significant way.

For those of you who may not be familiar with journaling or journal writing, it is the act of writing down your experiences, thoughts, feelings, goals or whatever had an impact on your life. It is a gratifying way of recording your life experiences and can be done on a daily or regular basis to reap the full benefit. However, you can get started by writing when it is convenient until you get into a comfortable routine. If you do not like to write, jot down notes instead of writing paragraphs. You can include visuals to record your experiences. It is about your life and the memories that you want to take along with you.

Because I see journal writing as being a very important aspect of life, I created a unique journal ‘Take Note.’ This was specially designed to help you record your life experiences and take note of those significant moments along the way. It is also a powerful guide for you to handle life challenges, to trust your instincts and be enthusiastic about living your dreams.

Please visit Conec’s web page https://conections50plus.com/products/ to order your copy. You are also welcome to join our 50+ tribe to enjoy a happy, healthy and energetic life journey.

Your Life Journey Navigator & Coach

Jennifer Gibbons-Joseph