Conec-tions 50 Plus


Feeling anxious about your future?
Concerned about your health and stress level?
Want financial freedom?
Want your 3rd Act of life to be a happy, energized and meaningful one?


If your answer is YES! YES! YES! And YES! Then, ‘CONEC’ with us and be part of CONEC’s Life Journey “50+ ‘‘CONEC-TIONS Series”.


What is this ‘CONEC-TIONS Series”?

‘CONEC-TIONS’ is for persons who are 50+ and in transition to their 3rd Act (the later stage in life) and who wish to discover and use their talents and skills to make this life stage a happier,  more energized, meaningful and successful one.


Are you the person we want to ‘CONEC’ with us?

YES! If you have talents, competencies, and dreams, but need to understand how these can be effectively developed and also monetized, outside of the environments where they were nurtured (i.e. work, career, and homemaking). The focus is therefore on helping you in this 3rd Act,  to recognize that you are not what you have done but are much more! Using your talents and skills to create value for the “self” rather than for “others”.


How is being a part of ‘CONEC-TIONS’ beneficial to you?

You would have the opportunity to mix, mingle and network with “like-minded” people at social mixers. You would also be able to, engage in conversations with peers and experienced thought leaders to get new insights, life-changing information, and solutions to help shape your new life-phase. Our experienced team would guide you along a path that respects your wisdom, wholeness, and authenticity!  We would help you redeem dividends from the equity you have built up over your adult lifetime (the 2nd Act from 30 to 60 years) to have happier experiences as you move forward with life!


How is the  ‘CONEC-TIONS 50+ Series’ different from other programs?

The ‘CONEC-TIONS 50+ Series’ is not a formal training program where clients attend workshops, “experts present” and “they follow” along with a PowerPoint presentation.  Our clients bring their experience and talents to the process and together with our session leaders, we chart the way forward with enjoyable and empowering programs and events, to meet the required needs. Our main focus is always on creating a sociable atmosphere where new friends are made and new networks built to facilitate and carry through into your “new phase of adult life”. These could be in small intimate group sessions lasting 2 to 3 hours or in interactions with larger groups (25 to 35 persons) over a longer period, perhaps 5 to 6 hours. We also provide weekend retreats where we recreate the “new life” experience which would give you an opportunity to see for yourself what life outside work could be like!  In all areas, our clients are supported with access to our free webinars and 1-on-1 coaching opportunities designed to reinforce all that was discovered with us!


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You can also call Jennifer at 685-8834 or email for tickets!