Conections 50+ Business Packages

CONEC-TIONS 50+ programs are designed for clients in their post-career but pre-retirement years (ages 50 to 80) to assure a vibrant, exciting and happy 3rd Act of life. Our services strengthen clients’ income-generating capacity through entrepreneurship and promote individual self-care while maintaining connections with a real community by curating and hosting unique social events.

At age fifty plus, many people feel very fearful, confused and anxious about their future. These workshops (maximum of 35 participants) are very interactive and success-driven, designed to support employees, retirees, self-employed and active people, through this transition period. You would be able to bring your experience and talents to the process and together with our specialist coaches, chart the way forward to meet your required needs.

These are specialized 3-hour intimate sessions (maximum 15 participants) created to address critical life issues affecting people over fifty. We offer a safe and non-judgmental space for participants to freely express themselves, gain new insights, get their concerns addressed and enjoy an extraordinary experience.

At the weekend retreats, participants would recreate the “new life” experience which would give them an opportunity to see what life outside work could be like. Our main focus is always on creating a sociable atmosphere where new friends are made and new networks built to facilitate and carry through into your “new phase of adult life. It is a time for you to get unstuck, explore your creativity and be enthusiastic about moving towards the life you envisioned.

Social events are occasions for people fifty plus to step out, socialize, make new friends, share stories, relax and have fun in a safe embracing and happy environment. Events are designed with different themes to entertain our guests and give them a unique and exhilarating experience. For those people who love to socialize but do not have friends to go out with, this is a non-threatening and friendly social where you can come alone.

Jennifer and Terri Ann would be connecting with our fifty plus tribe, through weekly facebook live Wednesdays broadcast,  on interesting and critical topic areas. Feel free to send us your comments or suggestions about any particular topic you would want us to discuss. Our goal is to partner with you, listen to your concerns or views,  keep you updated on current matters, help you to gain new insights and move forward happily on your life journey.

Many people on reaching 50 plus find themselves very anxious about the future. They worry about their marketability, finances, loneliness, being ill, not having a support system and many other critical issues.

Having a coach to partner with you at this stage would give you that peace of mind to cope with any fears and move on to live the life you always wanted.

Jennifer Gibbons-Joseph is an internationally certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Practitioner and Financial Planner with years of experience. Partnering with Jennifer as your Life; Transition; Energy & Financial Coach would be one of the best life-changing decisions you have ever made. She would work along with you in a warm, caring and non-judgmental manner, helping you to remove the blocks in your way and guide you along a successful journey of happiness and accomplishments..

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was designed exclusively for business owners or someone thinking of starting an entrepreneurial venture. This package consists of three segments:


With this package, you would have:

This is a Business Solutions Package for persons over 50 who are interested in starting a business of their own.

You would receive:

A face to face or online 30-minute conversation to clarify your vision.
One individual transition assessment and report, to help focus your decision making.

One 4-hour business consultation to define and structure your start-up business and identify your potential customers.


A Business Solutions Package for persons over 50 interested in entrepreneurship.
You would receive:

An analysis and assessment of your team’s skills to help focus your decision making. (Two persons are included. Additional assessments will attract a fee.)

Four 2-hour consultations each focused on specific aspects of your business operations.
A customized and viable plan to guide your first year of operations with a success-driven blueprint, for maximizing your profitability.


A Business Solutions Package for persons over 50 in entrepreneurship. You would receive:

An analysis and assessment of your team competencies to focus your decision making (Three persons are included).
Four 2-hour consultations, focused on specific aspects of your business operations.
A customized and viable business plan to guide your first year of operations with a success-driven blueprint, for maximizing your profitability.
A 3-month retainer where Jennifer and Terri-Ann will be available via weekly online one-hour sessions to support your start-up operations.


A Business Solutions Package for persons 50 and over in entrepreneurship. You would receive: -A power-driven consultation to evaluate business plans and re-modeling.

A comprehensive analysis of your market –Customers, Competitors and Trends.
A customized 3-year business plan, to build and maintain your market advantage.
Hands-On support through a retainer arrangement to ensure for a smooth, successful and profitable implementation of the business strategy.


This coaching workshop consists of very interactive sessions combining sales and marketing innovative strategies with modern coaching techniques. This unique methodology would allow Jennifer a proficient sales consultant and experienced life Transition & Financial coach and Terri-Ann an accomplished Marketing Practitioner & Business Consultant, to work closely with participants. Our relaxed and engaging setting is ideal for easy learning, open discussions, practical exercises and the demonstration and implementation of new skills and techniques.


This is designed for employees who are due to exit their company as a result of retrenchment, downsizing or retirement. Our team understands that it can be a terrifying experience for persons who are leaving their companies due to retirement or other reasons and have not planned adequately for the next phase in life. This a small group interactive 1- day workshop (or 2 half days) structured to facilitate easy learning in a relaxed, non-threatening, empowering and happy atmosphere.


This customized Sales & Marketing Program is designed for companies with special time-sensitive marketing projects that may require an expert result-oriented team. The CONEC-TIONS 50+ team would partner companies to execute their project and meet their objectives in a professional, timely and effective manner.This is a short – term engagement for specialized sales & marketing projects.

This package is designed to meet the different needs of employees who are exiting your company voluntarily or otherwise. In today’s economic environment, it is very challenging for employees over age fifty to find alternative employment after leaving the company. Aware of this reality, our package was designed to help those employees wishing to embark upon an entrepreneurial journey, to utilize their skills, talents and available resources to achieve their goals. This package involves a transition assessment to help participants first clarify their vision and readiness for a new venture.

Are you ready to start or expand your business at 50+? Then this is your opportunity to partner with us and get your plans implemented. CALL now to schedule your appointment. Jennifer at 685-8834 or Terri-Ann at 682-9202.

We offer a FREE 30-minute online consultation to answer any questions you may have.

You also have the option of a fifty percent down-payment on commencement of the program, with the balance to be paid prior to the final session.