Conec-tions 50+
Essentials Toolkit

CONEC-TIONS 50+ Co-Creators (Terri-Ann Joseph-Brathwaite & Jennifer Gibbons-Joseph)

Created for people fifty and over to correctly assess their position as they embark on the 3rd Act Stage of their life.

Critical Turning Points

The fifty plus stage represents a critical turning point for most persons but many hesitate or become stuck, unable to decide on how to proceed.

We at CONEC-TIONS 50+ worked with three key life specialists, who all contribute to peoples’ well-being and quality of life. Having discussed this issue of preparing individuals at 50+ for their new phase of life, our team designed three assessments which we believe are a critical starting point of the journey. We consider them essential tools to establishing your baseline readiness for life in the 3rd Act hence we have named this package, The Essential Toolkit!!

Three (3) Part Assessment

Your CONEC-TIONS 50+ Essentials Tool Kit has three parts:

  1. A Psychometric Assessment that will reveal your true interests, passions and aptitude. What you really like doing, what skills you have and how you can use those skills in an area that gives you joy. Dr. Nneka Joseph PhD is the specialist in this field.


  2. A Medical Assessment that looks at your body’s readiness using a multi-factor, integrative therapeutic approach, to help you to be healthy and take you along your life journey for another 30 to 40 years. Dr. Desiree Arnold; Certified Naturopathic Physician is the specialist in this field.


  3. A Nutrition & Fitness Assessment to ensure that you are active and healthy, increase your energy, operate at optimum capacity and able to live your best life in your 3rd Act. Mrs. Mweia Elias-Smith M.Sc; Clinical Nutritionist, Dietitian & Personal Trainer is the specialist in this field.

You will receive details of these assessments and information on how to to proceed, together with the profiles of each specialist, when you pre-register for this Essentials Toolkit.


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We thank you for taking this step towards living a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life at fifty and beyond.