Three (3) Part Assessment

Your CONEC-TIONS 50PLUS Essentials Tool Kit has three parts:

  1. A Psychometric Assessment that will reveal your true interests, passions and aptitude. What you really like doing, what skills you have and how you can use those skills in an area that gives you joy.Dr. Nneka Joseph PhD is the specialist in this field.
  2. A Financial Assessment that will help you take inventory of your financial situation and direct your steps to implement a success plan to achieve your financial goals. Jennifer Gibbons-Joseph Certified Financial Planner/Life Transition & Financial Coach is the specialist in this field.
  3. A Nutrition & Fitness Assessment to ensure that you are active and healthy, increase your energy, operate at optimum capacity and able to live your best life in your 3rd Act.Mrs. Mweia Elias-Smith M.Sc; Clinical Nutritionist, Dietitian & Personal Trainer is the specialist in this field.

You will receive details of these assessments and information on how to proceed, together with the profiles of each specialist, when you register for this Essentials Toolkit.

YOUR COST is $4,080 TTD* or $600 USD. (*rate – 6.8)

We thank you for taking this step towards living a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life at fifty and beyond.

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Confidentiality Policy

The co-creators of CONEC-TIONS 50+ Jennifer Gibbons-Joseph and Terri-Ann Joseph-Brathwaite, together with the assessors of this 5.8G Essentials Toolkit, Dr. Nneka Joseph andMweiaElias-Smith, want to assure you that all information given by you on thethree-partassessment and subsequent reports, will be kept highly confidential and not shared with anyone other than the Essentials Toolkit team.

CONEC-TIONS 50+ respects your right to privacy and recognizes the importance of protecting the information collected about you. Our website, where this information is stored adheres to international standards and requirements. You may view ourPrivacy Policy at