Primetime 5.8G Reset

The Co-Creators of CONEC-TIONS 50PLUS are the dynamic duo, Jennifer Gibbons-Joseph, an established Certified Life Transition; Financial & Energy Coach and Terri-Ann Joseph-Brathwaite, a highly qualified and experienced Business Development Consultant.

These resourceful women are both very passionate about helping people fifty and over successfully pursue their dreams. Understanding the current market challenges and the ‘New Normal’, they created ‘PRIMETIME 5.8G RESET’ individual package, a two-part success driven program customised to meet your goals.

Jennifer and Terri-Ann will partner with you on a one-on-one basis and help you examine your present situation, re-set your plans in line with your goals and create a roadmap to successfully live the life you envision in your 3rd ACT stage.

Our term 5.8G refers to the fifties to eighties generation.

Features and Benefits

With our Life Transition assessment report and coaching sessions you would be able to:

  • Connect with your inner and outer self
  • Release issues that are holdGet a clear vision of your future
  • Make a productive shift to achieve your life goals

Our Financial assessment report and coaching sessions would help you to:

  • Get a realistic view of your financial situation
  • Confront money phobias and spending habits
  • Understand legacy and estate planning
  • Create a financial plan to effectively manage your economic life

Our Entrepreneurial assessment report and coaching sessions would ensure that you are aware of where you stand for successful entrepreneurship. You would:

  • Be strategic with your approach to making money
  • Discover the skills you have that are marketable
  • Find and explore your passion

Jennifer Gibbons-Joseph, will lead the life and financial coaching sessions together with Terri-Ann Joseph-Brathwaite, who will lead the entrepreneurial coaching sessions.

A Life Transition Assessment and Report

A customized transition assessment and report, to help focus your decision making.

Entrepreneurial AND Financial Assessment and Report

A customized transition assessment and report, to help focus your decision making.

Three 1- hour Life Transition Coaching Sessions

Three 1-hour Life Transition coaching sessions

Two 1- hour Entrepreneurial AND Financial Coaching Sessions

Three 1-hour Entrepreneurial Coaching Sessions

A Life Transition Roadmap

A roadmap to help you successfully navigate your life.



We thank you for taking this important step to living a happy and successful life in the way you always wanted.

YOUR COST is $4,760 TTD or $700 USD.

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You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of payment together with a link to complete CONEC-TIONS 5.8G Life Transition Assessment. This assessment will be forwarded to our Organizational & Development Specialist who would evaluate your responses and forward a personalized report for your review. After this process is completed, we will contact you to arrange your one on one Life Coaching sessions with Jennifer. The next step would be the completion of your financial or entrepreneurial assessment and report, followed by your coaching sessions in the selected area.

YOUR COST is $4,760 TTD* or $700 USD. (*rate – 6.8)

We thank you for taking this step towards living a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life at fifty and beyond.

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