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Consists of two combination packages and four individual specialized coaching services with personalized assessments and reports. Our coaches will partner with you, and help you to take charge of the critical areas in your life and move on to enjoy the life you want to live on the 3rd Act stage (50plus).

Clarify your vision, retool and chart your course to successfully navigate your life journey.

Includes Life Transition, Entrepreneurial and Financial assessments and reports, together with 2-hour coaching sessions in each of the areas.

Your personalized roadmap to get you ready for living the life you envisioned in the 3rd Act stage.

Include 3 customized assessments and reports in the areas of Psychometric, Financial and Health & Wellness. You will have the option to meet with each assessor for twenty minutes to discuss your report.


Work one-on-one with your Life Transition coach and get that breakthrough to remove any blocks in your way and achieve your goals.

Includes a life Transition assessment and a full report, together with three 1- hour coaching sessions.

Become financially savvy by addressing your money phobias and implementing strategies to achieve your financial goals.

Includes a financial assessment and a full report together with three 1-hour coaching sessions.

Partner with our Business Development consultant to get direction for a business start-up that aligns with your passion and competencies.

Includes an entrepreneurial assessment and a full report together with three 1-hour coaching sessions.


Stay healthy and fit by following a personalized wellness plan, that will be developed by your Health, Fitness and Nutrition coach, to meet your specific needs.

Includes a health assessment with a detailed report and 30-Minute Consultation.


These programs were designed to help clients who are interested in entrepreneurship, and in different stages of growth, to reinforce their economic position.

Designed for clients who may have a business idea and are not sure how to start.

You will get a 30-minute conversation, a transition assessment with a customized report and four 1-hour consultation sessions.

For clients already in business but it just does not fit their new lifestyle or it needs an overhaul.

You will receive a skills and aptitude assessment, four 2-hour consultations and a customized 12-month blueprint to guide your business. Up to 2 further team members can be accommodated at a cost of $300USD/$2040TTD each.

For clients who need extra support to help them work through their implementation challenges.

Your team receives everything in the Boost Evolution Business Program PLUS a 1-month retainer (4 weekly 1-hour online meetings). Here, we work closely with you to ensure your implementation remains on track and issues that arise are resolved.

Evolution Fireball (The fee is based on the scope of engagement)

The Fireball helps business people who have a special interest or need.

Our Consultant will work in-house with you to deal with any market-related business issues that you may be facing and help you to create a successful action plan to meet your challenges.


Be digitally ready by ensuring that your digital image is always on point, with advice and guidance from a competent and talented support team.


All fees are per person.

These are very interactive, hands on sessions, designed to prepare the sales and front-line personnel to understand and embrace the importance of the sales function and optimize sales.

At this workshop, participants will think through their needs post-retirement, cope with any apprehensions, and financial challenges. and implement a plan for a smooth transition.

Life Transition Coaching Workshop with Assessments (1 day max. 5 participants)

Participants will receive a blueprint to guide them through the first stages of their start-up. They will be able to shape their business proposition to enter into a new and viable venture.

Customized Sales & Marketing programs (Fees are based on the scope of engagement)