Conecís exclusive social events are unique occasions for people over fifty to step out, socialize, network, enjoy impactful conversations, gain new insights and have fun in a safe and happy environment. These events are designed with different themes to entertain guests and give them a fantastic and exhilarating experience.

Itís also an occasion for people within this age group who would love to socialize but do not have liked minded friends, to make new friends in a safe and happy environment.

Events are presently held at venues in Trinidad, West Indies where our company is located.

Please visit our gallery at†https://conections50plus.com/gallery/ for pictures of these events.


CONEC-TIONS EMANCIPATION LIME was beyond our guests’ expectations. The authentic Nigerian buffet table was in demand, with many people helping themselves to seconds and giving praise to the caterer. The drummer and singing duo had everyone singing and dancing to the captivating sounds of the drums and blended voices. The beautiful African decor with large palms in pots draped in black & white animal print, the two life-size Masai statues on either side of the stage looking on in warrior mode made this Emancipation lime an extraordinary event.


JUNE 2019

Conec’s Sales Savvy Exclusive workshop exceeded the expectations of participants. This was an intimate, interactive, empowering and extraordinary workshop, where participants were able to share freely, gain new insights, engage in active exercises, practice new approaches and strategies and network. Our clients always love the fact that the atmosphere is very relaxing, friendly and non-judgmental. We used the coaching methodology which is partnering with our clients to help them get unstuck and move forward with a workable plan to achieve their goals.

MAY 2019

At our events, we create a theme and the ambiance to satisfy our varied audience. This is a special small group forum for Women Of Colour 50+ to sit by the firepot and converse over supper and a glass of wine. Come and be part of this extraordinary and empowering experience.

This turned out to be an awesome evening with beautiful women gathered around the fire pot. We had fun, discussing very critical topics, listening with amusement to a reading by author Lynette Tyson-Noel from her book ‘The Bus Stories’ and enjoying the lovely dinner with a glass of wine.

APRIL 2019


Conec launched ‘CONEC-TIONS 50+’ 2019 program calendar on Sunday, April 7th. This was a cocktail event for people age fifty and over to come out mix, mingle, network, make new friends, and have fun in a relaxing and elegant ambiance. The afternoon proceedings began with a welcome drink with live music from a saxophonist followed by the rollout of CONEC-TIONS 50+ 2019 program calendar. Guesst had a great time socializing and having fun participating in the karaoke. We were quite happy with the response and received awesome feedback.



Conec started the year with an empowering workshop for its†niche market, people fifty and over. This very engaging workshop had participants tap into their energy system to remove any blocks in their way. They also learned to build their creative capacity,† create a vision board, budget strategically and live joyfully and purposely.


Thanks to all who attended Conec’s Christmas Mingle, our final event for 2018, making it yet another fabulous and joyful event.† Everyone had lots of fun, made new friends and were energized to continue on a journey of happiness and success.





We thank those who came and hang out with us at Conec’s exclusive 50+ Spa Brunch. Everyone had lots of fun, made new friends, enjoy the sumptuous food and left happy and energized.



We thank all those who attended this expo, participated in our survey, bought items and interacted with us. We are very happy with the response and from the analysis of the survey got great insights into the needs of baby boomers. Continue to follow us as we create new events and programs to help you on your life journey.

JUNE 2018

This was an event where both men and women 50+ got together†for open and insightful conversation. We used conversation leaders to keep the fiery discussion under control and within context. Participants covered a range of topics including relationships, commitment, roles, and expectations, health issues and financial obligations. We ended with cocktails and making new friends. Many thanks to those who attended and made it a powerful event.


MARCH 2018

Women 50+ were well represented at this event. The conversations were fiery, informative and inspirational. Lots of laughter, healing, and support from women in the room. We had so much fun, many remained after the official close to mingle and continued with ‘ole talk’.


Conec’s first event for the year 2018 was a breakfast seminar on ‘Women’s Personal Safety & Protection’† We were very concerned about the spate of violent attacks, abuse, and discrimination against women in our country and decided to be proactive and take action. Our†focus was†on empowering women to take precautionary†measures to safeguard themselves.